Book Review: Cyber Storm by Matthew Mather


It’s pretty safe to say we all take technology for granted these days. It controls all our communications, utilities and for some people, daily life down the most minute detail. We’ve become so dependent on technology we could soon be nearing a point where we can’t live without it.

But what if we had to?

CyberStorm follows the story of an unprecedented attack on the United States, disabling it’s entire communications network and causing massive power outages and disabling utilities, coupled with adverse weather conditions and it’s effects on the residents of a New York apartment building seen through the eyes of Mike Mitchell, an upper middle class businessman already struggling to keep his life and family together.

Using whatever means available the residents hunker down for what they hope is a temporary inconvenience but soon learn that they are shut off from the outside world and locked in a desperate fight for survival. Greatly helped by prepper neighbour Chuck who has stockpiled supplies they are hopeful but both external and internal forces are conspiring against our survivors and their circumstances start to deteriorate very quickly.

The pace is steady and realistic and thankfully at no point glamourises the situation the survivors are faced with with silly action sequences or needless Hollywood shootouts. It is a careful study of the depths some people will go to to survive with some going so far as to give up certain aspects of their humanity and decency while others are guided by conscience and the instinct to protect their family at all costs. There are fine moments of suspense and some snappy twists and turns excellently placed throughout carrying the story to it’s final satisfying conclusion.

Author Matthew Mather cleverly uses his frankly impressive tech background to great effect at certain points dealing with the very nature and effect of the cyber attack and also where one of the characters cleverly resurrects existing technology to suit their needs, providing an essential advantage to the survivors. At times the story becomes almost educational, and because the world events surrounding the collapse are very real and contemporary, the reader will most certainly at some point look around at the resources available to them and wonder if it’s enough and how they would react facing a similar situation.

CyberStorm is a thrilling read. Frightening, thought-provoking yet ultimately entertaining and with as much sentiment as it does adrenaline it is a strong addition to the genre.  No small wonder then that 20th Century Fox have bought the movie rights and have announced it will be scripted by House Of Cards screenwriter Bill Kennedy.

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