Synchronic: 13 Tales Of Time Travel edited by David Gatewood.



As the revival of the short story goes from strength to strength, the short story anthology is fast becoming an exciting outlet for both new and established authors. In the past six months I’ve been sent several anthologies and the quality has been outstanding.
Synchronic, a new anthology from editor David Gatewood, who also brought us the excellent From The Indie Side anthology recently is no exception. Its time travel theme provides an interesting platform for the interesting and diverse collection of authors to strut their literary stuff.
While there are some well-known names from the indie scene included, it’s always great to discover new authors also and there are some great stories here from authors I will definitely be checking out in the future.
From the excellent opener, Michael Bunker‘s brilliant tale of The Santa Anna Gold, it’s apparent that Gatewood has carefully compiled this anthology with an emphasis on quality control. The standard throughout is excellent and each author has taken up the challenge with great enthusiasm. The stories themselves are as diverse as the authors, some opting for a more natural approach to time travel by utilising the mind, others going for the more traditional time machine story but each is as entertaining as the last.
The standout story for me has got to be the closer, Jason Gurley’s The Dark Age. It’s a short and sweet heartbreaker almost perfect in its execution and is worth the price of the book alone and would take pride of place in any science fiction anthology.
Whether you’re a short story fan, or would like to discover quality work from new authors you’ll find plenty to interest you in Synchronic. It’s a splendid collection and excellent value and a welcome addition to any science fiction bookshelf, virtual or otherwise.
Now, where are the keys to my Delorean?

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