Book Review: Moonfall by A.G. Wyatt

moonfallMoonfall is an interesting take on the genre, where the moon has disintegrated and fragments fall to earth raining destruction. It deals mostly with the aftermath and follows the fortunes of Noah Brennan, a drifter accompanied only by Bourne (his empty gun) who while wandering the wastelands is captured by a group of militia who mistake him for one of their enemies and imprison him. As he discovers more about his surroundings and the people he is dealing with, he becomes involved in a battle for survival and must make a choice between doing the right thing or what’s best for himself.
Wyatt’s post apocalyptic world is dark and realistic, a harsh, twisted landscape where the weak are preyed upon and the strong fight each other for control of what remains of civilisation. Noah is a complex character struggling with his past who initially appears sullen, selfish and hardened by his experiences, but as we see him interact more with those he comes across he becomes a warmer character with a wicked sense of humour and much more to offer. As the story progresses, the plot gathers pace and culminates in events that test Noah’s resolve and conscience and ultimately lead him to make hard decisions about his future, while occasional glimpses into the past and references to current culture refresh the narrative and build an intriguing but incomplete backstory that hopefully will be built upon in later novels.
Moonfall is one of the better attempts at post apocalyptic fiction I’ve read this year. It’s a well-written, heady mix of action, tension and grim reality that serves as a great primer for the rest of the upcoming series.


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