Book Review: Nomad by Matthew Mather

nomadMatthew Mather has settled in nicely as the new king of disaster spec-fic with this latest offering. The events of Nomad are frighteningly believable, due mainly to Mather’s impeccable research, even down to creating a computer simulation of the events that take place that readers can even download themselves and play around with. But it’s not just the science that’s impressive here. Mather has developed into a master storyteller, weaving a finely-tuned tale of blockbuster proportions that’s very well-paced and the sub plot involving the gutsy-but-flawed protagonist, Jess and her family provides an interesting mystery in the background of the impending calamity. While some of the characters may seem a little larger than life at times, it helps to give a cinematic feel to proceedings, while not over-indulging in sentiment or cliched characterisations.
Mather keeps the tension and anticipation at nail-biting levels throughout, breaking into furious action when needed and even providing the odd moment of comic relief in parts where you may least expect it and as it cannonballs to its gut-wrenching conclusion, there’s no point at which you feel you can predict the outcome.
Nomad is a riveting read that you will race through, but be prepared to be exhausted as you reach the finale!


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