Book Review: Deep Shell by Paddy Kelly

A gritty and original tale from Irish author Paddy Kelly where survivors of several crashed spaceships live on the back an enormous animal floating in an alien sea. As they do their best to survive, they must also make sure the behemoth they live on does the same in the hope of someday being rescued. The story focuses on Harkel, a surgeon whose job it is to repair wounds on the animal as they occur. It’s a pretty hazardous task, but one that’s essential for the group’s survival. While on the job he makes a discovery that has huge repercussions for all who live there.  The author has an interesting style and manages to fit enough background into this relatively short novella to explain what’s going on, while the main plot takes some unexpected turns along the way and as expected there is plenty of gore and action along the way.
I did feel at times that there could have been a little more character development, especially with the secondary characters, but that said, the sheer inventiveness of the premise is enough to hold the reader’s attention throughout and it’s a highly entertaining piece of sci-fi for those who are looking for something that’s a break from the norm.

Available now on Amazon and Amazon UK/Ireland


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