Book Review: The Quantum Door by Jonathan Ballagh

quantumSuitable for early teens upwards, Jonathan Ballagh’s debut The Quantum Door is the story of two brothers Brady and Felix, who happen to venture onto their neighbour’s land and discover a gateway to a huge adventure filled with technological marvels.
After rescuing a young girl, Nova and her robotic dog Achilles, the brothers find themselves wrapped up in a complicated scenario involving everything from rogue robots to all-powerful AI beings and all manner of strange and wonderful creatures they meet along the way.
The story progresses effortlessly without getting too bogged down in the science, but the writing is confident enough to make even the younger reader understand the basics of the technology represented in the story, and cleverly mixes factual science with more fantastical elements to bridge the gap and make it believable.
A classic coming-of-age adventure fused with a epic techno-rollercoaster that demands you turn every page, and a very impressive debut.

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