Book Review: Blink by Will & Paul Swardstrom

┬áIf you’re a fan of movies like Men In Black or shows like The X-Files and Fringe, then Blink should be right up your street. The Swardstrom brothers work flawlessly together to create a fun and exciting start to this series as Agent Smith and Co. investigate strange occurrences that lead to a huge conspiracy spanning entire dimensions.

Blink is frenetically paced and never lets up, and the main characters are well crafted with snappy dialogue to match the pace of the narrative. The authors have a lot of fun with the agents names, with lots of geeky references, and the story develops quickly enough to keep the reader’s interest, with a great finale.

While some of the concepts will have been seen before in the shows mentioned above, the Swardstroms add enough of their own concepts and personality to give it their own mark, and it sets the tone for other novels to come. Hugely enjoyable.
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