Book Review: Apocalypse Hill by Matthew Stott

apochillOne of the most promising new talents I’ve come across in the last year has been British author Matthew Stott. His Tales From Between series was eerily entertaining and now Matthew has entered the realm of more serious adult horror with this new episodic series.

Set in the fictional Apoc Hill, dark forces centre around the inhabitants of an old house, where a young girl lives with a murderous father and brother, she herself now prone to murderous thoughts from the demons within, setting in motion a hideous chain of events.

Bill Reed is a writer, keeping busy in his daughter’s absence, who suddenly finds himself faced with terrifying behaviour from those around him.

Meanwhile as the mayhem begins, another young girl, Alice, waits patiently for her father in a car, quickly noticing that something bad is outside, and hoping for his return.

Although the title suggests apocalyptic goings-on, this is very much a horror apocalypse rather than the usual end-0f-world/post nuclear/zombie outbreak that has been flooding the market lately, and while there are still some elements of traditional stories in this vein, Stott’s solid horror credentials breathe new life into the genre with some genuinely creepy characters, and as macabre events unfold relentlessly, the reader is constantly in a state of flux, and wrenched from any comfort zone they may have had. The fear and confusion of the main characters seep silently into the subconscious, and Stott’s knack of taking an everyday location and transforming it into a seething hellhole is a rare talent.

The ending introduces the second part, while offering enough story to satisfy the reader, yet I predict few will be, as this page turner delivers on every level, and will drag you kicking and screaming back to the next instalment.

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